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Site Rules

See here, you chumps. None of you better mess with this site or I'll tap dance all over your Facebook. I'll turn your profile into swiss cheese. I'll spam your Twitter account, and load a virus on your laptop.

These B Da Rules!

Here are just a few simple rules to keep everyone happy. Those that break our happy rules will be hog-tied and dragged through the middle of town where all the folks will be able to see you. Then your evil deeds will be read to all those around. Small children will begin to laugh and throw things at you. While others will cry out for mercy. Then we'll all go back to our happy homes, leaving you in the town's stockade.

  1. Never mess with the site.
  2. Never mess with other members on the site.
  3. Never mess with the the visitors who come to the site.
  4. Don't upload inappropriate images.
  5. Don't upload inappropriate videos.
  6. Don't use inappropriate words.
  7. Don't make faces at other members when they are not looking.
  8. Never eat soup when using your computer.

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