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Erin Lynch Dover, American 21st Century

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Fort Worth Art Gallery -Erin Lynch Dover Bronze Sculptor
Fort Worth art gallery- Erin Lynch Dover Bronze artist
Fort Worth art gallery - Erin Dover bronze artist
Fort Worth art gallery - Erin Lynch Dover bronze artist
Girl from Somalia
Fort Worth art gallery - Erin Lynch Dover bronze artist
Reclining Nude
Fort Worth art gallery - Erin Lynch Dover
Fort Worth Gallery Night - Erin Lynch Dover
The Bell Ringer
Erin was born the forth child of seven children in Del City, Texas. She was raised on a cattle ranch near the Guadalupe Mountains. Erin started sculpting when she was just sixteen years old. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where she studied under a renowned sculptor, Charles Umlauf. She was then given the opportunity to move to Brussels to apprentice under another noted sculptor, Olivier Strebell. After her apprenticeship in Brussels, Erin moved to Los Angeles and began working with Tony Sheets (son of Millard Sheets). They received several major public commissions for architectural relief sculpture, one of which measured 62 feet by 45 feet.

Currently Erin is working on small sculptural works. Her biggest influences for her artwork were her two teachers, Charles Umlauf and Olivier Strebell. She was also influenced and admires the works of Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo for their classical nature. Her contemporary figurative sculptures most often reflect a sense of serenity and strength.

University of Texas, Austin, Texas, BFA.


1999 The Best and the Brightest, Scottsdale, Arizona Art from the Heart,
Phoenix, Arizona.

1998 Timothy Tyler, American Painter and Erin Lynch Dover, American Sculptor, Galerie Kornye West, Fort Worth, Texas

Artlink’s 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Best and The Brightest, Scottsdale, Arizona.

Art Form the Heart, Scottsdale, Arizona

1997 The Best and The Brightest, Scottsdale, Arizona

Art Form the Heart, Scottsdale, Arizona
1996 Desert Foothills Land Trust Art Exhibition and Auction, Carefree, Arizona, 1992, 1994, and 1996.

Other Experience:

1986 Assistant Sculptor for Artist, Tony Sheets in Los Angeles, California and in
Sebastopol, California.
1981 Apprentice to Sculptor, Olivier Strebelle in Brusse

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