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It is sometimes hard to explain one’s involvement in the arena of fine art.  My involvement and love of art started quite simply with my family.  My father and mother became interested in art in the late 1960’s.  This intensity and love for the visual arts escalated into a gallery business in the 1970’s.  I was in high school when I started hanging around in their Fort Worth gallery.  My parents had impeccable taste in antique furniture and paintings and were always willing to teach me the quality you look for when choosing artwork.  They were probably the pickiest art viewers I knew; which was a very good thing.  While in my early twenties I was not all that interested in pursuing any involvement in art as a career.  I still enjoyed looking at art and talking about it but my life was moving in a different direction.  I was always happy to work my parents, by then, Dallas gallery while they went on buying trips.  I found such pleasure in sharing original artwork with visitors to the Dallas gallery.  I became invigorated at the thought of learning more about the artists and pouring through fine art catalogs.  My father always kept a very extensive library of art history publications.   Finally I relented, accepted my addiction, went back to college and earned my degree in Art History.  After that there was no holding me back.  The more I looked at paintings and sculpture the more I had to view more, and more, and even more.   I was obsessed with American living artists painting in a representational manner.  Through some very fortunate circumstances and a wonderfully supportive husband and daughter I opened Galerie Kornye West in 1998.  The joy I feel every day that I am in the gallery is really beyond what words can describe.  I consider myself not an owner of the gallery but a steward of the gallery.

One of our goals is to make sure every visitor feels welcomed and comfortable to explore the gallery, learn about our artists, and come to realize the importance and benefits of exposing oneself to original works of art.  These are creations that capture a moment in our lives, a moment that we share with each artist, and a reaffirmation of mankind at his or her best.  All of this is to be celebrated and enjoyed within an atmosphere that fosters curiosity, admiration, and a dedication to preserving the visual arts in our current culture.


 We are now a "by appointment only" gallery specializing in private art consulting.

1408 Montgomery Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Telephone: (817) 763-5227 Facsimile: (817) 763-9425


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